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Sunday, August 21, 2011


Entering the third trimester of my pregnancy, I've had a lot of sleepless nights this week. As my tummy continues to grow, so do my eye bags. Here are my "snooze-snaggers:"

1. Finding the right position
I can't lie on my back anymore because it gets harder to breathe.  Now, I either sleep on my right or on my left. I find that tucking a pillow under my belly and between my legs help me.  But then, there's...

2. Moving to find a better position 
So I find the right position, but it gets uncomfy after a while. No option there but to toss and turn. The thing is, it's actually harder to roll around in bed now because of the added weight. Sometimes I end up accidentally waking my husband.

3. The nocturnal call of nature
Every night I wake up to pee despite my attempts not to drink a lot of fluid before bedtime. It's bothersome, then again, so is UTI. 

4. A busy mind
Wishes, worries and weird dreams have crept up on me a few times. I just shrug them off and try to relax as much as I can. 

4. Baby kicks! 
This I don't mind. I've woken up to a kick or two, then linger a bit to feel a few more wiggles. :) 

I know that when the baby comes, sleep will even be more difficult to catch. What makes me go on is knowing that  these sacrifices will reap the sweetest reward in the end. 


  1. hey, Barb! have Dick help you with positioning using pillows. His nursing skills hould come in handy with this =). If completely lying on your side gets uncomfortable, try propping yourself up with pillows along your back in a quarter turn position.

    Oh, and sleep? Ano yun? hahaha!--Mark

  2. Hahahaha!Hi Mark, balita ko nga napupuyat na kayo kay baby Miles! Thanks for the tip!