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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Video: Genesis by Ramos David

A friend posted this video about conception to birth on my fb wall. It's an animated video by Ramos David for Evil Cat Production.  While the choice of background music may not appeal to everyone, the animation is truly astounding! I only wish it were in HD. For a 6-minute clip, it speaks so much about the intricacies of how human life comes to be. Life is such a beautiful miracle. Here's the video: 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Baby Shower!

A billion thanks to my family and friends who hosted a baby shower for us last Sunday--love you all!

It was simple but very sweet of them, and we enjoyed it a lot! The theme was Dr. Seuss so my sisters asked the guests to show up in stripes and put some tiny diy cat-in-the-hat table centerpieces as decor. Can you find the table centerpiece? Haha.

They also put up some clever Seussical signs around the party hall...

Some games we played including Guess the Waistline for the ladies...(The good thing about pregnancy is that it gives you an excuse to have huge measurements!)

...and Milk-Me-Momma for the boys. (First one to finish got chocolates!)

(Here's a photo of my husband carrying a rather blurry bottle of milk to practice his bottle shaking skills.)

And who could forget the very useful gifts we got! 

Since it was a semi-surprise, they didn't show me the invitation! I'll get a copy of it and post it some other time. Meanwhile, 4 weeks to go til my EDD! Here's a photo of my best bump buddy these days. She's expecting a boy, and I'm expecting a girl. Future prom date maybe? Our due dates are just a few days apart.

Wish us luck!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Possible Preeclampsia

For my prenatal consultation on my 34th week, I was expecting the usual...regular baby heartbeat, good fetal growth, okay weight gain. I wasn't expecting my blood pressure to be 140/90. The doc's assistant checked it twice an hour or so, apart.  Reaching the 140/90 threshold I heard my doctor's voice pitch go up a notch, and a tiny involuntary gulp from my own throat, as she explained to me with urgency the word "preeclampsia."

Preeclempsia, from what I gathered from her explanation and previous book reading, has to do with rising blood pressure due to pregnancy changes and the presence of protein in the urine. There have only been theories as to why some pregnant women develop this condition. The danger here is that it could lead to eclampsia, a more complicated case which involves the mother having seizures or convulsions, and in which the only resolution is a pre-terminated pregnancy. Meaning, the mother would have to be induced or would have to have an emergency c-section to prevent the baby from harm or death.

With just a few more weeks till my due date, I wasn't expecting this news at all. The doctor looked down at my feet.The edema could be another sign of possible preeclampsia, she said. Sure, my feet and ankles had obvious swelling, but I thought that was somewhat expected and normal for pregnant women. Crap.

She then gave me my new responsibilities:

1. Have a urinalysis to check protein content
2. Fetal movement monitoring:  I have to feel for the baby's movements (any type of movement) 30 minutes to an hour after breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. She has to move at least 10 times within an hour. If not, I'd have to call the doctor. (Reason: Before a fetus' heart stops because of the condition, the movements decrease first.)
3. Check my blood pressure three times a day, left arm, heart level
4. Bed rest making sure to lie on my left side most of the time (with bathroom and trips to the dining room rights) to help keep the blood pressure down
5. Low-sodium diet - no salty condiments: toyo, patis, bagoong, ketchup, etc.
6. Report to her at 8pm everyday via text.

So far, I've had my urinalysis but I'd have to hear the doctor's interpretations next week since I got the results after the her clinic hours. Our helper has been informed of my new diet and I've started gathering and eating tasteless recipes. I've checked the baby's fetal movements three times and I'm more than glad that she's still very active. My husband's been checking my bp and it's been normal, usually 120/80. He's also taught me how to check my blood pressure myself in case he can't because of his work schedule.

I don't know how long I'll be monitoring for possible preeclampsia and be tied to the bed, but I don't have to elaborate on how these little sacrifices are worth it. Hang in there baby, it's time for teamwork.