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Friday, August 19, 2011

Bonding in Utero

Some studies have concluded that fetuses can actually "learn" inside the womb through music, reading to him or her, etc., but there haven't been any solid evidence on how this "learning" affects the intelligence later on outside. (Source: Your Baby Today, Comic strip source: )

For my part, I don't want to subject my baby to such early social pressures, however I do find myself doing precisely such things because of two reasons. First, I admit that I have slightly yielded to the "what-if" factor of that theory. What do we have to lose? Second, I just find it relaxing and natural to have in utero bonding time. 

Now that our baby is at her 28th week, my husband and I find ourselves talking and singing (my husband's got talent) to her more because by now her ears have developed enough to hear us and her surroundings. So, I've got a "Classical Music for Baby" playlist in Grooveshark, and, though getting a clear signal of it can be quite tricky, my husband has temporarily tuned in our car radio to station 98.7 -- Master's Touch (...Okay, okay, so we cheat...we've plugged in a few of our cds and ipod a few times!)

Then my mother-in-law suggested that I read to our baby. So I find myself doing this everyday now. I read whatever I can out loud, but for extra bonding moments, I read children's literature, which I actually really appreciate. I've had a hand at teaching preschoolers, and children's books are just magically inspiring. (Who knows, maybe I'll be inspired to write my own children's book one day.) 

Anyway, I particularly love reading "Guess How Much I Love You" by Sam McBratney:

I bought this book when I was in high school just because. Then I gave it to my husband later on one day, back when he was still my boyfriend, just because, too. Glad he kept it. Buy your own copy and see why it's so adorable. Check out the price at National Bookstore.  

I also got a hand-me down book written by Tish Rabe (aka Mrs. Seuss), way back before I got married. It's adapted from Dr. Seuss', "Oh the Places You'll Go" book. I read it once and vowed I would read it to my future baby. Unfortunately, I misplaced it through the years! I went to my parents house last weekend, but I couldn't find it. :(

 So if you know where to buy it, please let me know...
 If not, I'll just buy "Oh the Places You'll Go!" 

Hey, that rhymes!

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