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Monday, July 11, 2011

Wonderful Onesies

“Cuuuuuttteee!” was the first word that leapt from my mouth when I saw six little new born clothes my sister-in-law (and future ninang) sent me from the States. I was in my second month of pregnancy then, and I definitely needed a perk-me-up what with the bed rest and nausea greeting me every day. As I looked at each of them, the first trimester sacrifices became a blur. The onesies made me want to meet and hold our little one right then and there. “Not for another 7 months,” I thought, “Back in the box so as not to get dirty.”

Now that I’m in my 5th month I open the box again just to enjoy that giddy expectant feeling. Ooooh… they’re adorably soft. Which one do you think I should put on our baby first? Here are photos of the onesies:

(The answer to that, dear one, is a resounding “no.”)

Onesies, by the way, are an actual brand manufactured by Gerber Childrenswear, but Americans use the word as if it were generic (just as we Filipinos use the words Colgate or Xerox to mean toothpaste and photocopy). They are more correctly called infant body suits, creepers, diaper shirts, babygro, babygrow, mameluco, or snapsuit (source: Wikipedia J ) Infants are usually dressed in these because they are easy to put on, like regular shirts, except they reach below the baby’s waist and are closed over the crotch to make diaper changing easier for us all!

In the Philippines, onesies can be bought almost in any baby store or online, I think. I’ve seen some in my “buntiscapades” (a.k.a. window shopping for my baby’s would-be needs). Where do you usually shop for onesies? Give me some links so we can do some shopping!

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